Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Guess it's only right I start blogging about things I'm passionate about.....And I think creating awareness is really important to me .

In Malaysia Measles is given as part of MMR vaccine (Mumps , measles and rubella) at 12months , in Sabah because previously the large number of cases measles was given in a single dose at 6months , then later MMR at 12months

It's scary that people are underestimating the severity of diseases these days , we're going backwards in helathcare , what used to be an unheard of and not so easily seen disease is making it's rounds back again.

Why you may ask...well it's all about the concept of  herd immunity

It's a simple concept , if you have enough numbers of people vaccinated , the young children ,especially gets protected , there is a break now because people are not vaccinating , many 'groups' have come out with their own theories which are not supported medically or scientifically . It's sad that the sufferers are the young ones.....

Linking my facebook post because we've seen an increase in the number of cases in the Klang Valley and Selangor since early this year , 100+ confirmed cases and many unreported , currently there's almost an outbreak at our hospital with a special measles ward....


Complications of measles

The younger the child the worse the COMPLICATIONS


source  - AAP press room photos

So don't think twice vaccinate your're child now ,

  CHILDREN DESERVE A CHANCE TO LIVE , say no to anti-vaccine

Find out more about vaccination from you're local paediatricians and doctors

Thursday, March 12, 2015

She's Back ☺

Hello everyone  ,

I can't😆  believe  I hadn't  written  for 3years...So much has happened  ....Felt sad i wasn't  blogging  and it was my bad

well here i am , not sure why the sudden impulsion but I guess penning down  you're

thoughts  are better  than  keeping  them in......Haven't  decided  if i'm just  going to talk

about  the  present our summarise the  past  but we'll  just  have  to wait and see now  don't


So on to  new begginings which  i'm excited  to start....weeee😊

And tht's how happy we are 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

IT's Women's Day again :))

Lately i'v been handling quite a few teenage rape cases,single unmarried mothers,some dutifully waiting for the guy to one day marry her,some wanting to give the child away for adoption.Each and every one of them have reason's for deciding the fate of their child,it is not for us to judge,because simply we wouldnt know how it feels like to be in their position ,no matter what it's their choice as long as their old enough to take responsibilities for their action.

Belawai beach March 2012

But what still saddens me is the attitude of our community in not wanting to report a rape case,covering it,giving excuses for such action,that simply isnt right,it was not her doing that she was drugged and impregnated,why should she be the one to bear the consequences??? What happens to her school life,her future,the emotional trauma she has to undergo,would she ever lead a good life later.Yes there are still lots of unreported cases worldwide,despite the fact women are becoming more empowered they still face many many obstacles,society,culture, especially in developing and 3rd world countries....

So i'm not going to ask or tell others,i shall make a personal resolution to myself to help as much as i can,to listen to the needs,be more patient and understanding and hopefully do some good if i'm able to.

My boyfriend and soon to be husband sent me a lovely text today,it brought me to tears(my chemo patient's were a bit confused why i was the one tearing,when it's usually them when they get poked)i'm so glad and i'l forever be grateful to GOD for helping me find a guy who not only loves me more then i would ever love myself,who respects me that much more...thank you love....

Love You :))
So to all the fantastic women out there Happy Women's Day - We've come a long way,we've done quite a bit,we've fought,and we're still fighting,and we shall continue to do so:)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

No Birth Cert No Fly,No Op

I cant believe how ridiculous this is.We had a patient today from Belaga , very very interior in the Kapit division,who doesnt own a birth cert,even his parents doesnt,it may come as a surprise to you but really it's still quite common here.

He was scheduled for an heart op in IJN,so naturally in order to fly over and for the expenses there he would require a birth cert or at least a letter from the tuai rumah stating that his family is actually a malaysian citizen.But the funny thing is his old tuai rumah had passed on and the new one just refused to help,hmmm.We were actually in quite a predicament, in the first place it's so difficult to get a operation slot and the flight tickets were booked then cancelled,all sorts of unnecessary expences.

Batang Ai at sunset

We found the whole thing really ridiculous,he was born in a government hospital,checked by a government doctor,had an under-7 card during his delivery,yet we couldnt prove his identity.It's a good thing my specialist and bosses spoke to the concerned YB od the place and we managed to get things settled,otherwise he would be another  denied of seeking treatment which rightfully he deserves as a citizen.

This is just an example of how despite the rest of the country progressing,everyone is suppose to get equal chance at health,it isnt so.The children in Sabah and Sarawak are not candidates for liver transplants only because of the logistics and it's next to impossible for them to come for follow-up despite being able to do the operation,it's really sad wouldnt you agree.Don't they have equal rights just like every single one of us.

Batang ai dam Sarawak

When we send our patients for future follow-up or when they're being discharged there's so much for us to look into,there is another patient of mine who stays interior of Kapit as well. Their journey to Kuching for follow-up includes having to take an express boat from their place to a logging camp,that too depending on the weather,then follow the logging camp company truck for another 2hours to reach Kapit town,stay a day there wherever they can,take a 3hour boat ride to Sibu,then another 6hours bus to Kuching,and mind you this is only for one follow-up.Imagine the cost of travelling,what about if they're really sick....It doesnt suprise us when they say they had enough,who wouldn.....


Thursday, January 5, 2012



Pangkor - Countdown 2012

Cheers to a new year filled with love,joy,hope and new beginnings

Saturday, December 24, 2011

To new beginnings.....And 7 months later.....

Where did 2011 go??the question we ask ourself every year without fail,hardly a blink and it's almost a year,feels like yesterday i was in Mukah celebrating new year and now it's almost ending.This year will definately go down in my history,such an important one,A very dear long lost friend turned out to be the guy of my dreams,the person i'm going to spend my whole life with.Am i scared,am i sure people ask???hell no,i'm not scared,not even a little,i'm honestly looking forward to a new chapter of my life.Sometimes it's really just meant to be.I'm just so lucky i found a guy i thought would not exist,he's terribly sweet,kind and the most important thing is he loves me so much,i know he'l do anything for me,and so would I :)

Career wise,cant believe i'v been in paediatrics for a year,passed my exam,more to come though,still so much to learn,but slowly absorbing,making baby steps improvement in knowledge,i'm so happy,it truly is fullflling seeing the patients you treat walk back home,or the one's who were scared of you in the beginning cling on laugh at the stupid noises and faces we make and give that sweet innocent smile,ahhhh,how could anyone resists,especially the 4year olds ;P

I ran a marathon,haha it's only a quarter,but still it's a start,finished it and even won something in the process:)Will try harder for another run next year,see if i can make it for the half marathon....

I managed to see more places,some just local but it's still places i hadn't been,aiming for more next year,even if it's only in Sarawak.

I'm glad things happened how it was supposed to happen,i know i cant turn back time,and i think i don't really want to as well.Next year is going to be wonderful,new starts,lovely first's,good times and bad times are going to be spent together.I cant wait.....

For now i'm just really looking forward to spend my new year holiday with the one i want to grow old with :)) Merry christmas and a Happy New Year !!!!!

At batang Ai

Friday, September 2, 2011

And He's The One ????

Well you don’t know or put it this way you would never know,or then again would you??For years I’v always been bombarded/heard/discussed this,never really found the answer though.I love my romance novels,everyone expects the guys to come out like that,hmmm but do we ever find one in the real life???

So then early this January I met an old form six friend,we’d found each other last year thanks to facebook,did keep in touch a bit,and I was really curious about him because the last we met was over 7years back.I guess that was because I went to med school and india and he was here, so circumstances were such we just lost touch.Really wanted to meet him last year but was really busy with work and could only finally see him in January.

We met in Starbucks(yummy coffee), was actually on my study break,I admit I was nervous,I mean we’ve all grown up but meeting someone new is always something very intriguing,all these thoughts go in your head,what’l he think of you,do I look alright.But yeah when I saw him,it was a whoa moment.We had a wonderful dinner,managed to catch up on everything we missed this last 7years,and it was just amazing that there was this chemistry…..

Hmmm,now comes the scary part,I would know much later that this guy has liked me for 11years,till this day I think that’s something just crazy,way out of this world,I mean who on earth can like someone so much for that long.But the thing is I kinda knew that was the truth because he had something of mine from 11years back,something only a few people would know and keep,but it means a lot to me.All those times we dated other people,fell in and out of love,grew up,matured a lot but the most important thing was we both learnt to love and be happy and comfortable with ourselves first and only then this came by,just feels like it’s the right time……

So yeah from there despite the fact I was in sibu and he was in KL we managed to see each other at least once a month,he had work,I had work,we were both busy, but we found time to spend with one another.There was the phone calls,facebook messages,small things,things I’l always rememeber .

Eventually he asked me officially(ahhh May24 at Café Barbara-Coffee again)and I said yes,seriously who wouldn’t,he made me his number one priority,he got me a book  copywritten under my name(I found out much later),he’s always been honest,I know what a very  strong and a terribly loving person he can be,so even though I’m 11years too late I’m being very selfish in saying I’m so happy and lucky it was me.It’s something I never expected,never thought possible but it’s here and I’m greedily just sucking it all up,he always says it’l get better,and I’m always saying NO it won’t :P.When someone asked me so Sang is he the one??I didn’t hesitate when I said…….yes :) You see you’l just know it,at least that’s how I felt

So yes you know who you are,thank you for coming into my life and for loving me,we’re going to have a great number of years together.HAPPY 100 days love !!! It's only the beginning :))

the liquidator&the doctor